Ackmann & Dickenson

515 N Washington , Minneapolis, MN Downtown Minneapolis

We employ appropriate technology for the sake of your business. We use it to your advantage, building onto your current platforms and systems where appropriate. And building from scratch where that is appropriate too. We remove subjectivity. We gather information, analyze data, adjust, and repeat. This data-driven approach helps us to create exact solutions that allow your company to increase effectiveness, profitability and ROI.

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IT Services
Minneapolis, MN

Career & Development

  • Professional/Career Development

Financial & Incentives

  • Matching 401(K) Program
  • 401(K) Plan

Health & Wellness

  • Disability Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Medical Insurance

Work & Flexibility

  • Paid Holidays
  • Unlimited Vacation Policy
  • Flexible Work Hours

Layout & Environment

  • Casual Dress Code
  • Sit/Stand Desks
  • Open Office Layout
  • Downtown Office


Downtown Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN USA

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