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Work Happy Hour Behavior Do’s and Don’ts

October 4, 2017


Work Happy Hour Behavior Do’s and Don’ts

You love alcohol, I love alcohol, WE ALL LOVE ALCOHOL. But don’t be an idiot.

PSA: you don’t need another round!

There are general rules for your work happy hour that are never spoken but should always be followed. One of them is getting drunk with co-workers. The other managers and bosses should always be more intoxicated than you.

I trust that your post college liver can process that copious amount of gin, beer or wine that you could consume during your work happy hour plans. Just know, that isn’t impressive anymore. – Sorry, the glory days are over! We can cry over a pint later.  

Once you’ve established a working, professional relationship, that second beer might be fine! Until then, remember they are not your friends.- Yet. They are co workers. I hate to say it but it’s true. No one forgets or really respects the drunk person babbling about how much they love, hate, respect their new boss. Even worse, is if you start talking about your ex and asking for advice about your sex life.

Tame it down!- At least for now.