What Values, Mission, and Vision Mean to Jobiki

December 19, 2017

What Values, Mission, and Vision Mean to Jobiki

Recently, Jobiki had the opportunity to meet with a wonderful company, Fabric. This company accompanied us on our expedition to state our mission, vision, and values. Fabric is a new company founded by two people obsessed with creating and fostering great company culture,  John T. Meyer and Rosalynn Verges.

Fabric seeks to help company shape and state their missions, visions and values in the most honest way. Acting as a third party,  Rosalynn helped Jobiki navigate the complexity of framing a company. This would help us better shape our moral compass to follow during the bumpy journey that is the start up culture.  

Insert Fabric…

During our meeting with Rosalynn, no subject was left uncensored- the nitty-gritty was all too present. As two brothers and founders of Jobiki, we were able to get to know one another better as professionals and not just childhood companions. Looking into what we envision Jobiki becoming, what grinds our gears as individuals, and how we can bring these commonalities together. Acting as a liaison, Rosalynn was able to extract common themes; intertwining them and creating the fabric that is our company.

Below is what Jobiki was able to create with the help and guidance of Fabric:

Jobiki’s Guiding Principles:

Core Values:

Compassion – help others, put people first, treat others with respect, be appreciative, see the person behind the situation, practice kindness, be thoughtful, show willingness, create opportunities for inclusion, be understanding

Discovery – pursue your goals, embrace growth opportunities, seek discomfort, explore, practice active curiosity, appreciate the experience, search with purpose

Ownership – do the right thing, acknowledge your failures to others and share your successes, be honest, follow through on your commitments, act with integrity, practice open communication, ask questions

Equity – create an even playing field, remember no one is above anyone else, practice humility, be respectful, be humble, foster stewardship, invest on a personal level

Mission Statement:

Connecting people with better information to discover great companies that embody their idea of a great place to work.

Vision Statement:

To make finding meaningful work suck less.


For us, these core values are something that we both, personally, live by. With Fabric’s help, we are now able to work by the same values and incorporate them into everything that we do at Jobiki.