How to Travel the World, but Keep Your Day Job

July 25, 2018

How to Travel the World, but Keep Your Day Job

If you’re like me, you love to travel. But now that I am out of school and working full time, it is hard for me to realistically take the adventure that I have always wanted.

This is especially true if you are a new grad with a new job and very little paid time off.

You may have been working for a few months, but feel a little trapped in where you’re at.

Like, let’s be honest…

…you are still longing for the old days when your daily obligations were studying and showing up to class.

Now, your day to day actually matters and it’s not just about showing up.

Nevertheless, you still love your job and the company you work for is awesome!

Maybe you even found them on Jobiki 😉

Either way, you aren’t ready to just jump ship, but you still have a desire to work and live abroad.

We have a solution!!!

Remote Year is a company that helps people experience the world but keep their jobs.

“Remote Year brings together groups of inspiring professionals to travel, live, and work remotely in different cities around the world for a year or four months.”

With Remote Year, you aren’t stuck choosing between work or travel…


Then again, if you hate your day job, check out this post by our friends at AllTheRooms about “How to Travel the World FOR FREE!“.

Now… Back to Remote Year!!!!

The Remote Year brings together professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers from all over the world.

Together, they spend either 4 or 12 months working, traveling, and exploring cities around the world.

Planning and traveling alone can be stressful. That’s why remote year helps plan the whole trip! Once you’re on your own, check out some of these travel hacks to make it easier.

Once you arrive, they offer and plan a variety of ways to explore local communities, participate in career development, and get off the beaten path.

So, what’s included:

  • Co-Working Space
    • They will find and book you at a co-working space within a 30-minute walk of your accommodation.
  • Transportation
    • Travel, by both plane and bus, will be organized by the company.
  • Accommodations
    • You will get a private AND furnished room. Many times an apartment shared with others that are doing remote work.
  • Local Experiences and Events
    • Cultural, educational, and social activities to immerse yourself in their society.
  • Employer Approval Support
    • Remote work can be a hard thing to get your company on board about. Remote Year is here to help. They have helped hundreds of potential build a convincing case for their employer on why remote work is a benefit to not only you but to the company as well.
  • Local and Travelling Staff
    • What better way to experience the world than with a guide. Yep…wherever you go, you will have a local guide to help you experience it all.


…have you been convinced?

If not, we want to introduce you to Anders Palmquist.

Anders is actually going on a Remote Year!!!!!

We asked him a few questions to help you get a better idea!

So, we’ll shut up now…What do you do for a living?

I’m the Managing Director of ARMR (Amazon Representation, Management & Resources).  We’re a firm comprised entirely of former Amazonians providing full-service management & representation solutions for the Amazon platform.

We provide the expertise that only a team of former Amazon employees can provide,

at a lower cost than hiring an employee internally.  Our work includes merchandising and digital marketing strategy, catalog management & listing optimization, product launches and international expansion, fulfillment optimization, and a host of other activities.

Why do you work (what makes you get up in the morning)?

In my role, I have both autonomy and opportunity. I have the freedom to identify a task or problem, consider possible resolutions, and then implement my solution.  This allows me to take ownership and pride in my work and to have strong relationships with my clientele.

I also know that each of my employees feels empowered and respected. We’ve fostered a great culture at ARMR, so I’m fortunate to work alongside some very talented & hardworking individuals.

In 5 words, how would you describe Remote Year?

If I had to sum up Remote Year in 5 words, it might be “Study Abroad for Working Professionals.”  Remote Year is an opportunity for individuals to travel the world without having to pause their career.  They cater to satellite & remote workers, but they also help lobby to your employer on the merits of remote work.

So…Where are you going?

My journeys will take me all over Southeast Asia.  The program is designed with month-long stays in various countries.  My group, RUMI, will tour Viet Nam, Thailand, Japan, and Malaysia, and I plan on doing a variety of side trips (if time allows).  At the top of my list are Seoul, South Korea and Siem Reap, Cambodia.

How did you find out about it?

I was researching opportunities to live & work abroad, and I stumbled across Remote Year’s site. This was early 2017, so the Remote Year was still pretty new.  After reading through their site and scouring their Instagram account – I was smitten.

What made you interested in working abroad?

I thoroughly enjoy traveling (I’ve done a multi-week international trip every year) but I’ve found that as I have progressed in my career and gained new responsibilities, taking several weeks off was extremely difficult. Now that I’m managing personnel, it would a lack of continuity for my team, and heaps of work when I returned.

Additionally, the financial aspect of working abroad was very attractive to me.  Many of the countries I will be residing in have low costs of living, so I plan on reinvesting the money I’d normally spend on rent, food, or entertainment, into travel or savings.

What was the process of doing a Remote Year (planning, travel, housing, etc.)?

My Remote Year journey started with a pretty intensive interview process. It started with generic detail entered through their web portal and progress through a series of forms & interviews including letters of recommendation from my friends and family.

Eventually, I had a skype interview with Will (one of the program leaders living in Split, Croatia) and we talked at length about my career ambitions, personality, and goals for a Remote Year experience.  During the interview Will & I hit it off (a 20-minute interview lasted an hour) so it helped reaffirm to me that this would be a community that I would love to join.

After the interview, Will extended an offer to join the program and here we are!

Do you know anyone who has done it?

Through my network, I’ve spoken with a few individuals who participated in Remote Year.  They’ve provided some invaluable advice as I plan for my departure in late August.  The biggest resource that I’ve been able to tap into, has been the community of current RY-ers through Slack and Facebook. Whether it was planning side trips, acquiring visas, or how many bags to bring – people have already compiled a wealth of information.

Did you consider any other programs?

I researched a few other remote work & travel opportunities – including planning the trip myself.  Since my interview in 2017, many of the businesses offering the service have since closed up shop.  One of the reasons why I chose Remote Year was because of their business plan, and their demonstrated ability to raise capital.

If I was not participating in Remote Year I would likely have planned my own worldly excursion, but I do believe that this opportunity has proven to be substantially easier and less stressful than trying to orchestrate the trip myself.

How did you go about convincing your employer to agree to this?

I’m extremely fortunate that my work is currently 100% work-from-home.  All of my employees are in one way, or another, remote – so the geographical location of our team isn’t a concern as long as there is an internet connection and availability during US work hours.

Additionally, my business has a track record of promoting international work amongst its employees. My counterpart on our distribution arm has lived and worked in Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

What are you most excited about?

Two things: food and Japanese culture.

I’m very excited about the food.  Southeast Asian food, particularly Thai, is my guilty pleasure.  I’m eager to see what authentic cuisine is like compared to the representations we have here in the US.

Additionally, I am fascinated with the Japanese people and their history.  With a culture that is millennium old, I am keen to experience first-hand their religion, art, and architecture.

Okay…are you jealous of him too?

We sure are.

Let’s say your company doesn’t allow remote work and you’ve brought it up.

Check out Jobiki, where we can help you find companies that offer remote work as a benefit!