How to Make Your Post Graduation Gap A Resume Booster

October 6, 2017


How to Make Your Post Graduation Gap A Resume Booster

Nothing screams slacker quite like a resume gap of four months after graduation! Don’t panic.- yet.

Depending on why you took that nice stint away from reality, you may just have found an easter egg in your own resume. At least, I did. For two months after college, I traveled Europe and the lower 48. I knew this gap wasn’t going to look great so I spent that trip journalling.  By applying theories from classes I had taken as a Communications Major, it proves my knowledge and ability to learn and apply. Every interview I had after that, companies were fascinated by my idea of blogging and applying my education on my own. Thus, the resume gap doesn’t have to hinder your resume.

If you can take that time off and really use it to shape a story and personality, it can make an employer swoon.  

Employers see the same resume after resume, yes your honors are amazing, wow that extra time you spent with the blind dogs at the old folks home is touching, but who are YOU? If you decided to take that time off, spin it. Don’t sit there and say, “Well, I don’t know, I just didn’t know what I wanted to do?” That’s lazy.

The gap is becoming more and more common. You’ve worked your ass off for the past (with college) 16-17 years in school. After all, adults take vacation; and so should you. Just make sure to use that time wisely.

*clinks glass* Cheers!