5 Signs That Your Employees Love Working for You

February 12, 2018

5 Signs That Your Employees Love Working for You

We are at a very interesting time in this world where there are sites like Glassdoor, where one could review how much they love or hate their employers. Almost every single company says that their employees love working for them, but is this really true? Sending out employee surveys will only get you so far… do they actually love working for you? Or, do the employees hold back criticism in fear of losing their job? Well, here are 5 ways prove that employees love working for their employer…without asking them directly:

1. Your employee referral program is actually utilized

If you don’t already have an employee referral program, you need to create one. Referral programs allow companies get better culture fit candidates at a significantly cheaper price. Your employees will share their experiences and grow your company’s reach in recruiting. The key with anything like this is that you need to trust your employees. Your employees know great performers, people who would work well in the organization, and even on certain teams, trust their judgement. On the other hand, if you’re employees aren’t utilizing the employee referral program, it may be a sign that it is not a workplace they would recommend to their friends…

2. Your employees move departments instead of leaving

You know you have found great cultural fit with your employees when this is the case. Employees who either lose interest in their current role, or want to grow in their career, and look at other positions within the company are your best company ambassadors. They could easily start looking for positions elsewhere, but they clearly love what the company is doing and its vision to want to stay, but in a new role. The cost of loosing and replacing an employee is can cost upwards of $15,000 to $20,000. Don’t loose a great person because they don’t fit their day to day job, or want to grow their career. Giving employees an option to switch teams or departments from what they are currently doing is a great way to fill open positions, without the risk and cost associated with an outside hire. Be honest with employees from the start that this is an option for them. Don’t expect that the recent college graduate is going to love data entry for the rest of their life. Be realistic and let your employees explore and find a job within your company that they align with.

3. Average employee tenure is more than 1 year

Did you know that 1/3 of new hires leave their job after approximately 6 months? Yes, one year doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s a huge milestone. Celebrate it! Keep this idea in the front of your mind as the workforce is going to be changing heavily in the next few years. Employee turnover too high? A departing employee can be a great resource for honest feedback to help turn things around and make your employees love you!

4. Your employees are your best salespeople

Are developers, designers, or HR specialist bringing in occasional leads along with your sales team? Either they are in the wrong department, or you hit the jackpot! Having employees from all verticals of your company bringing in new leads is a great sign that your employees believe in the product and company enough to go above and beyond their normal duties, to sell their product and company. If you don’t already ask new leads where they heard about you and from who, you should start. You may be surprised which employees are selling your product. In general, people connect why you do something, not just what you do. Who better to sell your company on “why” than your employees.

5. Employees come back after they leave

This is a huge one. If someone leaves and comes back, don’t close the door on them in revenge (unless it was a nasty exit). Keep communication lines open and listen to them as to why they are coming back. Many times, people really just need to see what else is out their in order to realize how much they really loved your company. Also, who better to hire than the person who is grateful for what you have.


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