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3 Interview Types and How To Prepare

March 26, 2018

3 Interview Types and How To Prepare

You’ve finally submitted your application for a job you’ve been eyeing and you recently got a response to schedule an interview.. woo-hoo! The excitement is through the roof and then it plummets due to fear and anxiety associated with the thought of interviewing.

Employers have different hiring processes which may incorporate one to three screening methods. Phone interviews, traditional interviews, panel interviews, group interviews… the list goes on! The good news is, as nerve-wracking as interviews can be, the employers liked what they saw on paper. Now they want to get to know you and see how you’d fit in the company. This post is going to briefly review 3 common types of interviews (excluding traditional 1-on-1 interviews) with preparation tips.

1. Phone Interview

Phone interviews are a common method used in the hiring process to pre-screen candidates. Employers will usually, but not always, schedule a time to interview you over the phone. During this conversation, they ask a variety of questions to identify if a candidate is a good fit for the available position.

If successful, candidates will be invited to come in for a second interview.

Preparation Tips!
  • If scheduled in advance, prepare the same way you would for a traditional interview (research, review job description, practice questions, etc.)
  • Provide employers with reliable contact information
  • Avoid locations with noise and distractions
  • Always answer the phone in a professional manner
  • Have a pen and paper available

2. Group Interview

Group interviews consist of multiple candidates being interviewed at the same time

Interviewers implement different strategies in how they deliver these interviews (ex. Rotate directions that questions are being asked, timed response time, etc

Preparation Tips
  • Be confident!
  • If someone says something you wanted to say, do not panic!
  • It’s not always what you say but how you say it
  • When practicing interview questions think of extra responses
  • Be yourself and let your personality shine!

3. Panel Interviews

Panel interviews consist of approximately 3-5 interviewers and one candidate. It may seem intimidating, but employers just want to get to know you – Try not to think of it as an interrogation.

Preparation Tips!
  • Bring multiple copies of your resume for each interviewer
  • Be sure to acknowledge each interviewer from beginning to end (Greeting, handshake, eye contact throughout, thank and follow-up)
  • Try to build rapport with each interviewer by demonstrating active listening and referring to statements that were exchanged

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