Dear Company: STOP LYING, your entry level position doesn’t need experience

Dear Company,

As I have been searching for a job, I have noticed more and more how many “entry level” jobs require 1-3 years of experience. It’s starting to become very excessive. Yes, I understand that you are trying to weed out potential employees that have no idea what the job is even talking about, but it’s an entry level job for a reason. As I have gone through the process, I have found myself ignoring jobs that “require” 1-3 years of experience.

Don’t act like the “entry level” job will be filled by someone who is ready to do the job on day 1. We all know that you’re going to go through an extensive training/educational course for this position. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely a good thing to make sure your candidates have the general competency to do the required position, but make sure that you are being honest on your job posting.  .  

Recent College Graduate

Jobiki Homepage Screenshot

Jobiki Who?

We all know it, the job search SUCKS! Which is the reason we started Jobiki. Entering into my senior year of college, I started the job search and was immediately frustrated. The lack of information and an over process frustrated me like no other. For several weeks, I dreamt of a new way to look for a job. This dream became a reality as we started to build Jobiki.

From day one, our goal was to be obsessive over the job seeker side of the job search. This is contrary to many other job search websites , who make it easier for companies to convert job applications to new hires. Yes, making it easier for companies to find talent is something we will do, but it is not our driving mission for Jobiki.



So, if you have been to in the past week or so, you have seen that we launched our first version of Jobiki. I say first version because our vision extends beyond the current platform, but we’ll get into that in a bit.

If you had a chance to look around, AWESOME! Give us some feedback to help us improve it in the future updates. If you haven’t, go check it out. Right now, all we have is basic functionality. You can explore around 20 Sioux Falls based companies. Displayed on their company profile page are things such as benefits, amenities, company info, and photos of the office. If you create a profile, which we suggest you do, you will be able to favorite companies. These favorited companies will show up on your dashboard. Yes, we understand this is a very basic platform, but it is a great springboard for the vision that we have.



When it comes to our vision, we have a large one. Overall, we want to revolutionize the way that people look for a place to work. In order to achieve this goal, we are working to expand the job seeker dashboard and add more relevant information to company profile pages. Along with that, we are working to add more and more companies to Jobiki every day (add your company at Jobiki).

Periodically, we will update our users on the progress we have made and the additions that we plan on tackling next. For now, explore Jobiki, and  give us feedback so that we can improve and tailor the experience to you!